We are fortunate to have a house that requires no a/c

Many neighbors have refrigerated air and/or swamp coolers but when we built our house we not only sited it for optimal solar positioning (summer and winter) but we also have thick straw bale walls. We turn off our heat (about now) and only need a bit of fan action to keep the house cool. (In fact, sometimes my house feels so cool in the summer that I turn on my space heater at my desk.)

Well based on our experience with SS it will take a long time

Remember we TOLD them we would need to stop payments to us six months before they got around to doing so. Then it took them over a year to bill us for it and then they said they owed us, then we owed them, then they owed us and finally we owed them. Then it took them a few months to start billing us and we couldn’t pay on it until we got a bill. Then I paid them off early—or so I thought. They ran my $580 check through as $500.80, it took them two months to let us know they did that. Then after I paid the $79.80 it took three months to get the paid in full notice. So if I was this man, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on the SS to straighten it out, considering they’ve included IRS in the mess now too. Chances are if he has a son with the same name the son will end up dealing with this in the far away future.

Set me on fire at 78 degrees

Maybe its my profession or poor health or something, but I can’t stand to be hot. I like it morgue like 🙂 I rarely run my heat which I reason makes up for my high electric bills in the summer. However looking up my bills over the past year, the highest was 134.00. I’m pretty proud that I’ve yet to turn on the air conditioning, I’m playing a game in my mind to see if I can make it until June 1st. So far, Atlanta has actually had a spring. We usually go from cold to Hotlanta instantaneously.

Budget Committee Meeting!

We did it! Haven’t had a budget committee meeting for years! I didn’t want to be a hypocrite and tell my FPU class to have a budget committee meeting and then not have one myself for May. I do all the budgeting for the home account. DH pays a bit more attention to what’s going on in the business. But this morning we had our first meaningful, insightful, and helpful budget meeting! It was great! I, being the nerd, created the budget and brought it to the meeting. Then, I shut up! DH, being the free spirit, had to give input and make changes to said budget.

I couldn’t get the budget to balance, so he volunteered to take his lunch to work more often this month and it saved us $450 due to GSHloans.com Inc. We are also going to reduce our cable and change some payments we are making. Bingo, balanced the budget! The meeting lasted 19 minutes! Love that man!

Must be trying to feed the electric company gazelle

We are total electric, so we tend to watch our utility usage carefully. Yesterday, and the last few days it’s been around the 90 degree mark. We’ve been using the attic fan at night for some really comfy sleeping. Far cheaper than the ac for sure. When we retired last night the temps were still in the mid 80’s so naturally we turned on the attic fan.

About 2 this morning I woke up to a sound I couldn’t quite identify. After a few minutes I realized it wasn’t one sound but two, overlapping each other. The attic fan was the first one, and the second was the furnace. Temps had fell like a rock outside to the freezing mark, an over 50 degree drop. So the furnace that was on automatic, had kicked in when the attic fan drew in that cool air. Needless to say I got up, turned off the attic fan and closed all the windows. Amazingly enough it was nice and comfy in the house—thanks to the furnace, LOL! I’m sure our rural co-operative electric company will enjoy that double usage.

I had a very very very displeasurable experience

(is that a word? well anyway)I learned very quickly you cannot cross post and post to ebay copy written or some MLM’s based on contract agreements. Anyway, I learned and after 1 week retracted etc…not that it helped it had no affect anyway on getting any business..and to be honest, (totally honest) I have never sold to anyone or sponsor anyone, so it was truely a learning curve for me.

However the biggest part of the learning experience was not that I couldn’t sell anything or get anyone interested, I figured on the 1% of 1% rule, what I didn’t COUNT on, was other people in the organization reporting me, of course now I totally understand. I have to acknowledge that even in the small world of home sales businesses, the others do (and rightfully so) want to eliminate the loss leader or seller who (unknowingly in my respect) broke advertising rules..
oh well, learning 101 for me.

Does anyone have any stories of others who maybe reported you or got angry with you for possibly (their perception) taking business away, and eliminating the competition..I picture AVON ladies letting the air out of each others tires, or FUller Brush men tripping the salesmen as the leave their homes..

A loss leader is a product that is sold to entice people to purchase other products are the normal price

For example, Porter Roundhouse Steaks at US$2.50 per pound, with the expectation that the sales volume for related items (beer, potatoes, corn, etc) will offset the loss caused by selling the steak at below cost.

You can’t call eBay sales a loss leader, because there are no products sales from which the lost revenue can be offset.

There are only three instances when an experienced manager is willing to use a product as a loss-leader:
* The item is overstocked, and inventory needs to be reduced as fast as possible;
* The item is being discontinued, and they want to reduce inventory as fast as possible;
* There is an assurance that the sales of other products will offset the lost revenue that the loss-leader generates;

Im coming into this posting mid way and didnt read the first post

but just from this post, I would say that anyone who sells at a loss in the retail business is called a loss leader, and it is done to stimulate the entire business, I cant say that it isnt a good business practice, because I see everyday it is (with large or high volume businesses). I think most people or businesses wish that they can loss lead. I do not get jealous of people who do, I think they are enterprising..I wish I could do it!, but thank goodness ebay or the classifieds exist to stimulate that competition, it is really competition, an who can come up with the better mouse trap, or marketing strategy in this case…wish it was me, oh well…

The reason most companies would not want you to

link to your own private web site would be they are not sure of what claims you might make. You could say, “This product cures cancer.” and then link it to your corporate site. A reputable MLM company in business for many years, was closed a few years back because of claims of the distributors on their own web sites and on radio.
This hopefully prevents that from happening. The question of ebay, is that people put it on ebay and undercut distributor’s prices. It is unfair to the person who is working the business retail or sometimes it is even cheaper than you pay wholesale.

I can tell you a story..

this is timely, its not about Shaklee but a company I am affiliated with. Makes me wonder…if the company does not want you advertising their product, increasing revenue flow, and more retail funds, what is the actual story? Is it just a control issue? Licensing issue? Something that simple?
I wont break into a whine session, but I was told no advertising on ebay, (which was pulled, I understand but I have other questions now) they also said.. no linking back to my private website from the company website, no linking from my private website using the name/words/icon..
so some companies I understand by way of licensing, but if it meant more sales….?
Whats the real story on things that arent licensing issues…like linking etc..?