We’re west of Phx, and have similar bills

We’re fortunate enough to have evaporative coolers, so we only run the A/C during the hottest, most humid parts of the summer. The heat is set @ 62-64 all winter, but it almost never comes on. Once in awhile it will get down to freezing & we’ll wake up glad we leave it on.

I do wish we hadn’t gotten house fever when we bought this place, though. The long sides of our house face east & west, along with most of our windows. We get terrible heat gain on summer afternoons. So far we’ve extended our porch roof & planted some desert trees on the west site, and it helps a little. I’m jealous of the old high end homes in the middle of town that were built before A/C. Thick walls, huge, south facing windows, big, shady trees, sleeping porches & deep overhangs. If we ever build a place out here, we’ll be stealing a LOT of ideas!