I saw your post right after I posted mine. Great minds think alike! No, my DH never even went through FPU himself, much less facilitate it! He still believes some debt is ok (large equip for business, cars), so I’m swimming upstream sometimes. I’d love to have him a bit more gung-ho, but he’s never fully “drunk the kool-aid!”

I’m a bit of a control freak, so I’m still struggling with the budget committee meeting, because I want him to know what’s going on in our financial life, but not to mess with it! I have to be more willing to share the monthly budget with him ahead of time and let him change parts. That is really hard. Starting this week though, we WILL have our “meeting”. I don’t want to ask my students how their meeting went and not have had one myself!

Can’t wait to hear more stories!

You are such an inspiration to me! Getting on Baby Step 7 has totally changed your life. You can give and spend and play like NO ONE ELSE! So it’s been a couple of months now with no mortgage payment. Has it sunk in yet that the biggest payment in your budget is gone forever? Since you were paying a mortgage and snowballing on to it to get it paid off early, I’m assuming it was even more than just a mortgage payment amount. So your disposable income has really gone up. Re-doing your house must be a complete joy since you aren’t going into debt to pay for it.

What are your future plans after that is completed? Will you save for a car, take a big European vacation, buy another house? You are so young to have paid off a mortgage, that you will have 30+ years ahead of you to build a new family tree. I assume you have your FFEF, retirement 15% in place and investments for your children’s futures as well. So the mortgage/snowball money is left for you to do with whatever you want.

I’d love to hear what you and your husband have talked about doing long-term. It’s so exciting for a “friend” that will discuss their money life is on Step 7!