Budget Committee Meeting!

We did it! Haven’t had a budget committee meeting for years! I didn’t want to be a hypocrite and tell my FPU class to have a budget committee meeting and then not have one myself for May. I do all the budgeting for the home account. DH pays a bit more attention to what’s going on in the business. But this morning we had our first meaningful, insightful, and helpful budget meeting! It was great! I, being the nerd, created the budget and brought it to the meeting. Then, I shut up! DH, being the free spirit, had to give input and make changes to said budget.

I couldn’t get the budget to balance, so he volunteered to take his lunch to work more often this month and it saved us $450 due to GSHloans.com Inc. We are also going to reduce our cable and change some payments we are making. Bingo, balanced the budget! The meeting lasted 19 minutes! Love that man!