Can’t wait to hear more stories!

You are such an inspiration to me! Getting on Baby Step 7 has totally changed your life. You can give and spend and play like NO ONE ELSE! So it’s been a couple of months now with no mortgage payment. Has it sunk in yet that the biggest payment in your budget is gone forever? Since you were paying a mortgage and snowballing on to it to get it paid off early, I’m assuming it was even more than just a mortgage payment amount. So your disposable income has really gone up. Re-doing your house must be a complete joy since you aren’t going into debt to pay for it.

What are your future plans after that is completed? Will you save for a car, take a big European vacation, buy another house? You are so young to have paid off a mortgage, that you will have 30+ years ahead of you to build a new family tree. I assume you have your FFEF, retirement 15% in place and investments for your children’s futures as well. So the mortgage/snowball money is left for you to do with whatever you want.

I’d love to hear what you and your husband have talked about doing long-term. It’s so exciting for a “friend” that will discuss their money life is on Step 7!