I don’t turn the heat on

in the winter unless we are having a string of cold nights–40 and below, the day temp is set at 68.

summer, I try to hold off as long as I can. I have had the ac on a few days, but that is because the humidity combined with the heat was terrible. I do have a dehumidifier that I run when the humidity is unbearable. Day temp with ac is 80. I have a 4 time set on my ac/heat, so it is cooler at night (74) and gradually increases/decreases during the day. I’m thinking that next week, I’ll be having to turn it on for the summer.

What I find so painfull is the fact that since everyone has been so careful about water and energy use, the prices for each has increased as they have seen revenue decline. I’m not using more water than I have in the past 21 yrs living here, but my rate has doubled. The electric we have been using more, but the house is more energy efficient, so we aren’t using much more than we have in the past 21 yrs, but we are also paying double.

I’ve done everything they suggest about lowering usage, but it doesn’t help if my conservation causes the rates to rise….I know that I’m not the only customer that feels that way