No we aren’t debt free, but we are a lot closer

After waiting since Thursday to find out and all day today dh finally had his review about 4 this afternoon. The result is: drumroll please. A promotion to Cad Specialist and a $2 per hour raise. I don’t know which I am happier about. Dh was the Cad Specialist at his last job and he’s really missed doing that work instead of just drafting. Oh he’ll still be doing some drafting, when they don’t need him to do things with the AutoCad program, but it will allow him to do what he truly loves to do.

It also means he’ll be less likely to be sent out in the field to do walk downs. Considering his age, weight and tendency to get clots in his legs this makes me VERY happy. It also means he (maybe us) will probably be going back to Las Vegas this winter—we’ll see. I’m not sure I want to go back, it’s kind of boring when he’s in classes all day and I don’t gamble. So the news at 4:15 today was very good as far as I am concerned.

Other homework news include the sale of a book for a $10 on amazon. Great advances on the ongoing pantry project, and of course ds’ $1 pay raise.

The goose we chased last week has created another nest and immediately went broody on it. She’s one determined Mama.

I spent a lot of time this week doing research for various recipes that I normally just mix up and cook to try and figure out the proper measurements to post on my Patterson’s Pantry & Recipe Blogs. This post was about eating more fruits and ways to include a fruit salad of sorts in every meal, including dessert, of the day. The link is below if you are interested in adding more fruit to your diet.
I’m currently working on a chart to go with my second gardening post. This chart will include amounts of seeds/plants you need per person, what moon cycle to plant them in, what the average 10 ft row will produce and other things. I’m hoping to get the post up before much longer. Doing the chart is taking a little longer than I thought it would. Which is dumb since I have a sliding excel spreadsheet for companion planting of roughly 130 plants I did a year or so ago and I know it took me weeks to make, but boy do I use the heck out of that thing since then.
While my cough is determined to be a summer house guest I am feeling very well other than the coughing fits and my house is slowly returning to order.

While dh has been working on the pantry ds has decided he is a one man lumber team and has been taking down the dead trees around the house at a good pace. As soon as the guys revamp our wood rack I will probably spend a good part of each day for awhile stacking firewood for next winter. He’s already cut up a lot of trees and there are still hundreds to go. I say it will be safe to say that next winter will probably be strictly wood heat.

Then there was the scare dh gave us that thankfully turned out to be badly strained muscles.

Apparently we are going to go from deep winter to deep summer overnight. Two nights ago it was below freezing for several nights in a row. Yesterday was in the mid 80’s and today low 90’s. Gee I wonder why I get a bad cold and cough this time every year. LOL!

The guys are going to TRY to get the birds out of the garden this coming weekend, so gardening is in my very near future as well.

So that’s my homework report for the week.