We don’t have whole house A/C

– it’s not common in older houses in New England, and it wasn’t practical to add it. Our house is what they call a Cape Cod and it retains heat, which is very nice in the winter but our upstairs roasts in the summer. We have two bedroom A/C’s and one for my office, and also one for the living room that we don’t even put in, some years. I keep my room at 78 for sleeping but sometimes turn it to 74 for a bit right before bed. My daughter’s A/C doesn’t have a digital reading but I think she keeps it warmer than I do ; I wouldn’t be surprised if hers was 78 or 80.

We still have the heat on here, it was in the 30’s one night last week and it’s supposed to be cold tomorrow! Highs in the 60’s and lows in the 40’s mostly, this time of year.

Suits me, I hate weather over about 80.