Well based on our experience with SS it will take a long time

Remember we TOLD them we would need to stop payments to us six months before they got around to doing so. Then it took them over a year to bill us for it and then they said they owed us, then we owed them, then they owed us and finally we owed them. Then it took them a few months to start billing us and we couldn’t pay on it until we got a bill. Then I paid them off early—or so I thought. They ran my $580 check through as $500.80, it took them two months to let us know they did that. Then after I paid the $79.80 it took three months to get the paid in full notice. So if I was this man, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on the SS to straighten it out, considering they’ve included IRS in the mess now too. Chances are if he has a son with the same name the son will end up dealing with this in the far away future.