Where it the world do you live?!

We live in south Louisiana near the gulf coast. We often joke that we have 2 seasons, hot and hotter. No one here really owns “coats”. A like microfiber jacket is all I own. Many people here wear a similar jacket or sweat shirt or sweater, etc.

Our summers? Totally different story. We are having temps in the low 80’s now and I am surprised it’s not warmer. Soon enough we will have mid to upper 90’s with matching humidity. The air is like a sauna most days even when we have no rain. But when it rains, it is often made worse, not better. We will have 90’s through the end of September and possibly into October like we did last year. Ugh. Dd’s birthday is Oct. and there have been years it was warm enough to have a swimming party if we’d had a pool. No kidding.

We try to keep our thermostat at 78º and usually once the temps get to the mid-80’s that is fine. It’ll run enough all day to keep it comfortable in the house. When the temps are upper 70’s to about 80, it may go too long between running to keep it comfortable.

Last winter we kept our thermostat at about 65º most days and nights. It was pretty comfortable for me though dh is on blood pressure meds and went around in an extra shirt or sweat shirt.

I am getting us signed up for bill averaging. It is available for electric and gas which are billed on the same bill. They average the last 12 months for your bill. It is not the exact same amount every month but usually very close, within a few dollars or so. I am anxious to see how much it turns out to be.