Office Cleaning Services

office cleaning services

Most office cleaning services companies have a diverse range of products, which include both the basic cleaning supplies and those, which are used for the more complicated office tasks. The supplies that are needed for a normal day at work include paper towels, liquid hand cleansers, toilet paper, garbage bags, and napkins. These are all available at most office cleaning services companies and many places around the country. Paper towels are often used in place of disposable tissues because they are soft and absorbent and can be reused.


Toilets paper towels and garbage bags are often kept in dispensers attached to the toilet, which can be accessed by the cleaner when needed. Most offices also have a waste disposal system which can be used to collect the paper trash and then deposit it in a dumpster. A separate bin or large bag can be placed next to the trash receptacle for the office cleaning supplies. A wastebasket is used for disposal of these materials in the garbage bin. If you do not have a wastebasket, you may wish to dispose of the trash in your office hall, where a sweep is usually available. Some office cleaning services companies place the wastebasket in a small cubicle with a few coworkers so that it does not look conspicuous.


The more complex office cleaning services tasks include removing the office furniture. This includes any computers or other electronics. Office managers will often require employees to remove their computer equipment before beginning the cleanup process. This is not always a requirement, but it is often suggested to reduce the risk of scratches on furniture. After the furniture has been removed, the floors must be swept to remove any dust that may have collected throughout the day. Then, the office cleaning services company will apply a variety of furniture polish to the pieces, which will seal the surfaces.

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