AI Chatbots for Facebook Messenger

More than 16% of people say that messaging and AI Chatbots for Facebook Messenger drive their online purchases. With chatbots, brands can offer a streamlined, proactive, and personalized customer service experience that leads to real business results.

Using rich media in your conversational commerce chatbot allows you to create a unique and more engaging customer experience. Whether it’s an image of a product, a video of a product demonstration or an explanatory diagram, these kinds of prompts bring your customers deeper into the brand, providing valuable information and increasing trust in your business.

Mastering Messenger: Leveraging AI Chatbots for Facebook

Your AI Facebook chatbot can also act as a gateway to additional resources that you have available, like document downloads and a FAQ page. By linking to these other resources in your prompts, you can take a proactive approach to solving problems and resolving customer issues by providing all the information that they need to make the right decision.

It’s important to clearly tell users that they are interacting with a bot so that expectations are properly set. This could be as simple as introducing the bot by name, like Decathlon’s, or adding a clear ‘Ask Meta AI Anything’ prompt to start the chat. It’s also a good idea to add a fallback option for occasions when your chatbot is unable to respond (e.g. if a person has entered text that is too long or contains an error). By ensuring these fallback options are in place, you can ensure a seamless handover when the bot needs to pass the conversation to a human representative.

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