Andrew Tate Pyramid Review – Does The Andrew Tate Pyramid Really Work?

Andrew Tate is a cobra tate hustlers university born out of the ashes of a dying economy. He is a predator who sells the illusion of success to young men who feel lost and alienated in a post-pandemic world where every system seems rigged. But, unlike the likes of Elon Musk or even the most repugnant media grifters, he doesn’t claim to have invented anything. He just figured out how to exploit the desperate people who were left vulnerable by a global catastrophe and turned them into his loyal and vocal cult.

Tate’s grift was aided by the unique post-pandemic environment, which created insecure, lonely young men who were quick to latch on to someone who personified their idea of success. Moreover, the ethos of his message resonated with them: step up and be a man, work hard, make money, don’t whine, and struggle is part of life. It didn’t matter that his misogyny was cartoonish or that he had been accused of sexual assault. In fact, the backlash only served to increase his popularity among his audience.

The Real World Discount

His cult also benefited from the proliferation of “sigma male” influencers who have made their fortune on Tiktok by posting short inspirational clips to promote his program. They then earn a commission for each person who joins through their affiliate link. Some of them have been able to make thousands of dollars a month. The question is, does andrew tate pyramid really work or is it just another scam?

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