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cambridge hire equipment

CAMBRIDGE Hire Equipment is a premier supplier of quality camcorder film and video equipment and related services for both professional and domestic users.” says Mike Johnson, CAMBRIDGE Hire manager. “We are a small business that specialises in film, video and sound recording, home cinema and other digital imaging. The best way to describe our company is that we really do feel like the guys who have taken your car – we service them, work with them and love them.”

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The Cambridge hire is a comprehensive one stop shop for all your recording and film and video equipment needs. “We take pride in our camcorders,” continues Mr Johnson. “They are the heart and soul of our business. We take great care to design the camcorders with our clients in mind. From our entry level camcorders to our professional and state of the art camcorders, from our editing equipment to our audio and video cables and connectors, we have what you need.”

A Cambridge hire service is one place to turn when you need some essential equipment or supplies for your business or personal needs. “We cater for the entire spectrum of film and video equipment,” says Mr Johnson. “We have something for everyone from the smallest pocket camcorder to the largest sound and video project. We stock a full range of video and film cameras, projectors and camcorders and accessories from the world’s best makers at CICamaglia, Sanyo, Canon, Emagic and Nikon. Our sales service also includes sales on a huge range of digital printers, scanners, printers and printing supplies.” Cambridge hire equipment.

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