IPQS Fraud Intelligence

IPQualityScore (IPQS) your audience from fraud, chargebacks, fake accounts, invalid lead gen data and more with cutting-edge, fraud detection technology leveraging 12 years of proven solutions. Protect in real-time with advanced blocking for proxies, VPNs, Tor, bots and other bad actors while minimizing false positives with industry-leading accuracy rates.

Block bad actors based on IP reputation and connection type, device details, recent abuse activity, bot status, risk score and more. Detect residential proxies, mobile devices, VPNs, Tor connections and more allowing you to optimize your blocking strategies and avoid the risk of a bad user experience or revenue loss.

Proactively Prevent Fraud

Block proxies, VPNs and Tor, bots and other bad actors based on IP reputation and connection types, device details, recent abuse activity, bot activity, risk score and more to protect your audience from fraudulent behavior and phishing attacks. Detect abusive clicks, payments, and other suspicious activity with industry-leading accuracy and a lower false-positive rate than similar solutions.

Identify spammers, spoofed email addresses, disposable phone numbers and more to stop fraud before it happens. Block bad actors from your site or app while preserving a frictionless experience for legitimate users.

Easily check the quality of a new user with a simple risk score that analyzes their phone number, email address, IP, device and more. Protect yourself from bad users, phishing scams and more with accurate, fast, and cost-effective scoring trusted by Fortune 500s.

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