Managing a Sales Field Team With SPOTIO

A sales field team is a group of people that travels around to meet with potential customers and make new sales. These sales reps are normally well-compensated for their work, and they are viewed as a key asset to the organization. Often, these individuals are also well-versed in the products and services that their company offers and can make tailored packages that suit the needs of each customer.

What makes sales successful?

Unlike inside sales representatives, field reps are able to converse with their prospects face-to-face and can better understand the emotions that their clients convey through body language and other nonverbal cues. This helps them build strong relationships with their prospects, converting them into loyal customers. Moreover, a face-to-face conversation minimizes the chance of misunderstanding. This is especially helpful when pitching complex or expensive products, which require a longer time to close.

When talking to a prospect, a field sales representative should always aim to build trust, and not sell products or services right away. This is a common mistake that many salespeople make and will backfire. A great way to gain the prospect’s trust is by asking questions about their pain points or unique problems. Then, they can provide them with solutions that are relevant to their problem.

Another important task for field sales reps is to follow up with leads in a timely manner. If they don’t do this, their sales will suffer. To help them with this, managers can use SPOTIO’s lead tracking tool to manage their sales pipeline and track important metrics such as knocks, meetings booked, and revenue generated. This will motivate their salespeople and ensure that they don’t fall behind their competitors.

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