Men’s Funeral Prayer and Kaddish

When someone of the Muslim faith dies, it is customary for members of the community to gather and say a funeral prayer over the body. This is known as a Janazah. This is a simple, silent prayer that asks Allah for mercy and guidance on the deceased. It is a very important part of a Muslim funeral, and is said only after the body has been washed and wrapped in a shroud.

After the prayer, solat jenazah lelaki enter a period of mourning called Kaddish. This is usually eleven months for parents and 30 days for other close relatives. During this time, mourners do not cut their hair or attend social events. This is a very private and intense time for mourners.

At the burial site, it is generally men who dig the grave and place the body inside it. This is because it is hard, laborious work that requires physical strength. In some cases, women may be present for this process, but generally, they do not get involved.

Solat Jenazah for Men: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Funeral Prayer in Islam

After the burial, mourners recite the Kaddish prayer again. This is a very emotional prayer, which asks God to keep the dead in peace and comfort them. It is usually recited in the presence of the family of the deceased. It is also recited at memorial services for people of all religious faiths.

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