Metal Garden Edging System in Australia

FormBoss is a popular and simple way to create an attractive and secure border around your lawn or garden. It is available in heights of 75mm to 580mm, and is easy to install for the average homeowner. It comes with a rounded top safety edge and is available in galvanized steel, REDCAR steel, and exclusive ZAM steel. For even more options, check out the full range of FormBoss’s steel is stronger products.

Metal Garden Edging System – Create Nice Shapes in Your Lawn or Garden

Among the most popular and widely available metal edging systems in Australia, FormBoss stands out for its durability and versatility. It is easy to install and is a versatile solution for all types of gardens. It can be installed into existing and new gardens without the use of stakes, making it the perfect choice for those who are unsure about the installation process. It is also available in five different heights and a variety of colors.

For the best performance, choose a steel edging system made in Australia. The FormBoss brand is strong and durable, and offers a structural guarantee for 10 years. This Australian-made product is made of BlueScope hot-dipped galvanised steel, which is very shiny when you first purchase it. This prevents it from rusting and ensures that it lasts for years.

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