Porsche’s Panamera SUV Gets a 2021 Facelift

panamera ev

Unlike the 718 running down the panamera ev or a 911 GT3 burning rubber on a race track, the Panamera often gets overlooked in Porsche marketing. But that doesn’t mean the big four door isn’t an accomplished sports car. Its 2021 facelift brought a few key improvements, especially to the steering and braking systems. For example, the electric power steering system now offers a more progressive feel to help you maintain momentum in fast corners. It’s similar to the setup in the Taycan and new plug-in hybrid Cayenne SUV. Meanwhile, the braking system aims to better match your speed with vehicle load. It works by using an extra sensor to analyze how much braking is required.

Electric Cars: The Future of Transportation

Both the engine and electric drive are now connected to the same PDK transmission. This makes it easier to switch between purely electric, efficiency, and sport-focus driving modes. The combustion engine is active only when needed to save energy and keep the battery charged.

A more advanced version of the adaptive air suspension now includes hydraulic pumps that can counter normal suspension forces to keep the car level in comfort and sporty scenarios. It can also actively tilt the car into corners to improve handling.

The reworked interior is more closely aligned with the Taycan and Cayenne’s, including a large touchscreen that runs Porsche’s latest infotainment system, as well as a full digital instrument cluster, replacing the part-analogue dials. The new layout also moves the gear selector to a flat console below the shifter.

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