Thailand Gaming – Three Ways to Succeed in Thailand’s Gaming Industry

The gaming industry in Thailand is thriving thanks to several factors. The first, its deep love for online games. The second, the country has seen an explosion in mobile games, which do not require a high-powered PC. Thailand is also a hotbed of mobile gaming with DOTA becoming an instant hit. Here are three ways to succeed in Thailand’s gaming industry.

Thailand: Keeping the dream alive – Inside Asian Gaming

First, Thailand has an abundance of talented developers. The second, its widespread mobile penetration makes gaming in Thailand a lucrative industry. As a result, the gaming industry in Thailand has seen an annual growth of fifteen percent. As a result, many popular console and PC online gaming titles have been ported over to mobile platforms. Some of these games include Garena RoV, Garena Free Fire, and PUBG Mobile. Thais are particularly attracted to multiplayer online battle arena เล่นสล็อตและแทงบอลกับ RWYBET.

In addition, Thailand is a hotbed for eSports. According to Infofed, year-on-year growth in spectators in eSports is thirty to forty percent. The country has also recognized eSports as a sport and backed the industry with government funds. While Thailand Gaming is still a young industry, it is already attracting sponsors and eSports players. The government is committed to helping the competitive gaming industry grow and become mainstream.

While the Thai gaming industry is still developing, many multinational operators are interested in developing a Thai casino. In fact, the government has already proposed legislation that would make the gaming industry more attractive to international operators. However, the companies are waiting to see how the legislation is implemented before they invest in the Thai market.

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