Trough Belt Conveyors

A trough belt conveyor is a conveyor with a trough on one side and a flat belt on the other. The mobile roller slides over the trough to create the trough effect. This type of conveyor is used for moving heavy materials, such as sand and gravel, over a long distance. This type of conveyor is also available with modular configurations. The main advantage of a trough belt is its versatility. This conveyor can be used for transporting anything from stone to potato chips.

How to Know About Trough Belt Conveyors

trough belt conveyors

A trough belt conveyor can be curved, flat, or have side walls. The width of the trough can range from twelve inches to more than six feet. They can handle 50 tons of material per hour and are often used in mining and agricultural operations. Other types of trough belt conveyors include radial stackers, field portable conveyors, and stationary trough belt conveyors. They can also have wind hoops and safety systems.

Because trough belt conveyors are often inclined, they are the most common type of conveyor. Because they have a flat belt, they are less expensive than other types of conveyors. Trough belts can be vertical or horizontal and can be flat or convex. The top carry idler has a horizontal roller in the center. Trough belts can also have inclinations up to 25 degrees. In addition to flat and convex, trough belts can have a rounded or troughed profile.

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