Water Restoration

Water Restoration

Water restoration Charlotte damage water | Spangler North Carolina is a term used for restoration of water damaged materials that are both out of order and in pristine condition. The term also applies to the total restoration of a building to the original state it was in before being subjected to water damage. Restoration includes a wide range of actions that can restore a building, including everything from a simple cleaning to complete rebuilding. There is also a broad category of services that fall under the term “water restoration”, which include everything from de-clogging pools and installing new roofs to full structural overhauls.


When a building experiences water damage, the most common problem is that the building occupants are unable to leave the building as soon as the situation has stabilized. Once the water has ceased rising or subsided, it is time to take action to prevent further damage by restoring the building’s dryness and stability through processes like dry cleaning, steam cleaning, and dry mopping. Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning with very little water; this method is often used to finish off extremely dirty or grimy carpets, upholstery, or other fabrics that are easily damaged by water. Dry cleaning can also be used to revitalize an area’s tile grout and floors by removing years of built up grease and debris.


If a structure must be left standing while undergoing water restoration, water mitigation is usually the only alternative left available to professionals. Water mitigation deals with the after effects of damage from water removal and drying. It can include repair of any damaged plumbing systems, installation of new drainage systems, sealing and repairing damaged roof and flooring materials, and the careful cleaning and refinishing of historic surfaces.

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