What Are Caster Wheels?

Caster Wheels

Caster Wheels

A caster is a device that mounts on the bottom of a larger object, such as a cart or dolly, and allows it to move. This makes them useful for furniture, tool boxes and heavy machinery that is needed to be moved around an office or industrial area. Find out https://www.castercity.com

The caster includes a wheel and a rig that holds the wheel in place. The rig is typically made of metal or aluminum and is attached to the bottom of the caster’s wheel.

Different kinds of casters exist to meet the specific needs of a particular application. Some are designed to move heavy equipment while others are for lighter loads, and some offer extra safety features such as a brake or swivel lock.

There are many materials used in the construction of caster wheels, ranging from thermoplastic elastomers to polyurethane and soft rubber wheels. Harder wheels, such as those that are molded of plastic or polyurethane, provide better rolling capability for plant equipment, while softer wheels, such as those with rubber, are easier on concrete plant floors.

The Benefits of Locking Caster Wheels for Safety and Stability

These casters come in different sizes, tread widths and load ratings. They also feature mounting types, including plate, stem and bolt hole.

Some casters have a brake that can be operated by pressing a foot pedal on the side of the caster. This is helpful when you want to stop moving equipment, such as on ramps or inclines.

A swivel lock is another option, but it’s not as effective as a brake in stopping the wheel. It does have a more limited range of motion and can be difficult to use in tight spaces or on curved surfaces.

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