What Fulfillment Centres Can Do For Your Ecommerce Business

When you order a book or a pair of jeans online, whoever fulfilment centres the transaction has a huge impact on your customer experience. That’s where fulfillment centres come in. Fulfillment centres are warehouses that take care of storing and packing ecommerce orders, shipping them out to customers, as well as taking care of inventory management.

They make it much more viable for ecommerce businesses to offer a wide range of products than they could manage with their own warehouse and staff. The best ones are capable of processing dozens, hundreds or even thousands of orders daily, making sure everything gets shipped out consistently. They can also save businesses from hiring and managing their own staff, which means they’ll avoid having to pay out paychecks, payroll taxes and other employee-related expenses.

Inside the Fulfillment Center: A Comprehensive Guide to Operations and Efficiency

A good fulfillment centre should communicate regularly with merchants and end customers to let them know how each order is progressing. They should be able to do this through direct integration with your ecommerce platform, which ensures that your orders are processed quickly and that any problems are fixed straight away. They should also be able to provide you with reports on how efficiently they’re handling your orders.

Finally, a good fulfilment centre should be located in an area that’s convenient for your target market. For example, Milton Keynes is an ideal place for a fulfilment center because it’s close to London and South England and has access to the EU through the Channel Tunnel.

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