What Is A Support Coordination System?

The Support Coordination Workstation (SCW) is an innovative computerized workspace used in support of service people to coordinate and guide activities of support staff in the design, development, execution, and maintenance of plans for persons with disabilities. Persons with physical disabilities can use the SCW to perform activities such as grooming themselves, bathing, eating, or typing letters, phone numbers, or other information. Other types of equipment that may be required include wheelchairs or scooters, or other assistive equipment necessary to provide the necessary tasks for persons with disabilities. Persons with little or no hands on training may also be trained to operate some of the equipment provided onsite – find out more

Why Need A Support Coordination System?

Each support coordination activity has specific requirements depending on the type of task. For example, grooming requires the participant to stand still and groom themselves, while taking food from a dish and preparing it according to the preferences of the participant. Bathroom tasks include washing hands and bathing or brushing teeth; eating requires a table, utensils, a chair, eating or moving food from one place to another; reading requires reading literature or a magazine, conversing with others, or making notes in a text book; grooming or dressing requires the participant to sit still in a chair, sometimes using a towel, and sometimes wearing clothing. Some of these tasks may be combined for more complex orders. Each activity has a sequential order, starting with the pre-planning task, working through to the implementation task.

The Service Planning Interface (SPI) provides guidelines for support coordinators to use in developing service plans based on the individual needs of their clients. The interface controls what service providers and independent review officers have authority to do. Independent review officers to determine if a service plan is effective and if they need modifications to be made. The results of the review are then used in setting the SCW that includes the desired outcomes of the plan.

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