What You Should Know About Tea Cup Poodles

If you are a proud owner of a Toy Poodle then you already know how much they are loved. They are intelligent, loyal, beautiful dogs that are very easy to train. If you are a puppy owner who wants to add some extra flare to your dog’s appearance, then you may want to purchase a Tea Cup Poodle as an option. This article will discuss the unique characteristics of this breed and what you should know before purchasing one for your loving pet. Learn more about tea cup poodle

The Philosophy Of What You Should Know About Tea Cup Poodles

The distinguishing features of this breed are their small and soft bodies which make them excellent companions. A Toy Poodle is very cute and cuddly. Their small size means that they can easily adapt to almost any environment and that their lack of grooming requirements mean that they do not need daily doggie kisses. Although they are known as teacup pups, tea cup poodles still need to be bathed on a regular basis and should never be allowed outside without some form of supervision.

Although these dogs are small in stature, they are covered in thick luxurious fur that is ideal for keeping your furry companion warm on cold winter days. They come in a variety of colors including black, chocolate, blue, fawn and tan. Some pups may even have a white fur liner around the face, which is very attractive during the spring and summer months. Your teacup poodle will stand approximately 17 inches high at the shoulder and reach up to ten inches wide from the top of the head. They have oval heads with long floppy ears and large, rounded paws that are perfect for gripping and playing with small objects.

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